Hiace of the semi-bonnet type

The Hiace in Europe was replaced by the thing which did Granvia simply from 1995, and the conventional under-seat engine type was renamed to "Toyota high class". The long body exists, too.
Become a Hiace for the fifth generation in 2004; to a current model after an interval of 15 years full model changeover (the super custom system of the wagon integrates it with Alphard). The body was arranged with a long standard body width, standard roof (van DX, super GL) long standard body width, high roof (van DX) long shot wide body middle roof (wagon DX) supermarket long shot wide body high roof (van DX, wagon ground cabin, commuter DX, commuter GL, camper base car), and the standard shaku was abolished. In addition, the super long wide body high roof started release from January, 2005.
The overall width of the 100 system was all less than 1.7m of the compact car frame (the 4/5 number), but, as for all the things more than 4.7m in total length of the 200 system, overall width became the wide body car (expansion of 100 system ratio 190mm) of 1,880mm, and livability improved. As for the compact car, only a van in this way became (4 numbers). A tread opens and increases in the roll antinature and sharp turn characteristics, but some says that I take it for large widening and have uneasiness for the security of a mawashi and the parking lot. As for the wide body middle roof car, it is enlarged 150mm by the standard body car long ratio a front crusher bulldog zone, and it is 4,840mm full length, but the inside of car head is the same as a body car as standard equipment.