Problems in the sale of the used car

Some badness suppliers hide the negative points such as many runs or the restoration career, and there is the case which displays it, and does it which is different from the fact to price boards.
By used car, I repair a car (accident car) damaged in a traffic accident and may sell it, but the business is brought into question when I hide this accident and sell it. In the case of an accident car, there may be the defect that is hard to be noticed other than conspicuous damage by an accident, and it uses it without consumers knowing it, and this is because danger to wake up an accident from a mechanical problem may be accompanied. In addition, a stolen vehicle and the submergence car cover a career, too and may drift to the auction market.
When I rewind the number of the mileometer (odometer) except that I cover the accident career and sell it about the sale of the used car, and I change it on the meter that there is little distance of the same car model, and I pretend to be it briefly, and sale (so-called meter return) often does the mileage and trouble occurs and repairs it, what parts consume than the mileage in the indication is found out, and a trouble does not die out.