Toyota’s small size truck lineup

Japan is famous for being a country with sophisticated technology level. Especially after World War two, Japan has been one of the top car exporting countries worldwide. In additions to producing and exporting a great number of cars, Japan is also famous for having the best quality. Toyota, Honda and Nissan are some of the top Japanese car companies that are also famous internationally. Among them, Toyota’s Dyna and Toyoace are always people’s favorite car model. Firstly, Dyna is a small- or medium sized truck that was first released in 1956. At that time, it was seen as higher grade model than Toyoace. However, it is now considered as twin model of Toyoace, and the lineups became common. The third version was developed with Daihatsu, however, after that model, Daihatsu retreated. From then on, it has been manufactured in Hino, a relatively remote area of Tokyo. Recently in 2011, the new version eight was released in Japan. Toyoace, is also one of the main car in Toyota’s small size truck lineup. It was first introduced to Japan’s truck market in 1947, and from then on, it preserves a stable sales number.